ohmonitoast (ohmonitoast) wrote in rockgrrl27,

Che-che-check it out!

Check out some of my favorite websites:

  • Wikipedia [Free online encyclopedia - amazing]

  • Postsecret

  • You are beautiful [A positive sticker trade collaboration]
  • Spreadin' the luv [Another positive sticker trade collaboration]

    Here is my customized luv.

    ^_~ If you dig street art/sticker trade like I do then you will also be interested in the following Buff Monster shows coming up in LA. Lucky you if you can attend! :] I am not sure what exactly happened to his website because it no longer has any of the spray can art he did available to look at :[ nevertheless, check him out because he is the bomb.

  • Buff Monster (dot) com
  • Buff Monster MySpace - add him as a friend!

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